Infinite Museum

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Here are a four explanatory screencasts connected with the Infinite Museum project I created in Google Sketchup. These screencasts are designed for viewing with a high-speed Internet connection and a monitor with 1024 x 768 pixels (or larger.)

1. Meeting Kwadjo Dickson's art via iPhoto and Picasa Web Albums (3 minutes 40 seconds. 18.5 megabytes. QuickTime file. Google video version. Flash format. Not as easy to see on the screen, but more compatible with Linux.)

2. Creating the roof to an art museum using Draw (5 minutes 13 seconds. 11.7 megabytes.)

3. How to add the roof to the art museum in Google Sketchup (6 minutes 2 seconds. 114.4 megabytes. QuickTime file. Google video version Not as easy to see on the screen, but more compatible with Linux.)

4. Building a Fast 3D Art Museum in Google Sketchup (This QuickTime screencast is 14.2 megabytes in file size and 2 minutes in duration.)

Download the infinite museum Google Sketchup file. (5 megs.)


Learning More About Sketchup

There are many other resources for learning about Google Sketchup, including some tutorials within the program itself. Here is a compelling screencast created by Mike and Jim, two people on the SketchUp team at Google. The most interesting part of the screencast happens after the first 30 seconds. I follow Google SketchUp via the SketchUp tag on

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